Organic pizza mix


Fancy an authentic, Italian thin-crust pizza? This organic pizza mix from Nicolas Vahé is a meticulously crafted blend of durum and finely ground Tipo 00 wheat flour from the sunny planes of central Italy. One bag makes 4 pizzas. Just add water, oil and a little yeast and you you will have the perfect pizza crust. Even when time is scarce or your guests require your attention. Serve with the topping of choice. For a savoury experience, top off the pizza with one of the Nicolas Vahè bruschettas instead of a regular sauce. But why stop at pizza? The mix is also ideal for focaccia, ciabatta and homemade pasta. Time to discover your inner chef.

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@wheat @flour tipo 00* 80%, @durum @wheat @flour* 18%, salt (iodised). * = organic. EU/Non EU Agriculture
Energy (KJ): 1445 ,Energy (kcal): 348 ,Fat (g): 1.6 ,Saturated fat (g): 0.2 ,Monounsaturated (g): ,Unsaturated (g): ,Carbohydrates (g): 68 ,Sugar (g): 0.5 ,Protein (g): 12 ,Fibre (g): 3.6 ,Salt (g): 2.0 ,Calcium: ,Sodium (mg): ,Magnesium (mg): ,Potassium 8 (mg): ,Bicarbonate (mg): ,Chloride (mg): ,Sulfate (mg): ,Nitrates (mg): ,Vitamin A (mg): ,Vitamin B1 (mg): ,Vitamin B2 (mg): ,Vitamin B3 (mg): ,Vitamin B6 (mg): ,Vitamin B12 (mg): ,Vitamin C (mg): ,Vitamin D (mg): ,Vitamin E (mg): ,Vitamin K (mg):

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