Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Serves 4 people
Prep time 20 minutes + 12 hours of rise time

1 bag of Nicolas Vahé Bread Mix, Crusty Morning
1 glass of Nicolas Vahé Pesto, Basil & Parmesan
1 glass of Nicolas Vahé Mayonnaise, Tarragon
1 handful of fresh frisée salad
8-12 slices of quality salami
4-8 slices of good cheese
1 handful of rocket

Bake the bread following the instructions on the package.

Slice the bread into 8 pieces. Drizzle with olive oil and heat them on a frying pan.

On 4 of the slices, add pesto to one side, and on the other 4, add mayonnaise.

Make a sandwich with salad, salami, cheese and rockets.

Organic Breadmix, Crusty Morning, 600 g.


Pesto, Basil & Parmesan, 135 g.


Mayonnaise, Tarragon, 135 g.

Mayonnaise, Tarragon

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